postpartum food The very thought of eating ones own organ will gross out the majority of humanity and rightfully so. Having not eaten meat in years I am surprised that I acquired a taste for placenta. How could I not though? The magnitude of it’s healing powers in my body, mind and spirit were powerful enough to have me craving more. The fact that I had a passionate foodie prepare it for me also helped overcome my fears of texture, taste and smell. 

When the idea of eating ones placenta was presented to me in a birth prep class I was instantly grossed out as most of you might be right now. Especially after seeing a photo of what placenta looked like and imagining its jiggly form.  For someone like myself it took a series of romantic ideas to seduce me into trying placenta. The first romantic idea was that it was the very thing that nourished my baby into existence during the whole pregnancy. More courting happened when a foodie friend offered to prepare it for me right after giving birth. The idea that took me to third base with my placenta was that so many women who have had natural home births were claiming that it helped them  tremendously with breastfeeding, warding off the baby blues, energy and balancing hormones. The cherry on the placenta “cake” the extra small doses of oxytocin (my new favorite healthy “drug”). Which reminds me, did you know the word placenta comes from the latin word for cake?! alex and christina postpartum placenta

With all of these claims and very little to no risk aside from possibly being judged by others who probably have never tried placenta, I figured why not try it? After all, when in life will I ever feel inclined to eat a part of myself? If there was ever a moment or reason to do this act of insanity, it’s going to be now.

placenta shake smoothie I loved the idea of restoring nutrients to my body during an infamously draining time which  is postpartum”. To ease my worries of taste and texture my foodie friend did come by to prepare my placenta. In fact, he did such a fantastic job that I thoroughly enjoyed what I ate. Alex even joined in on the ceremony as we both partook in the meat that nourished Nova from the very beginning of his life. I was then left with a good amount of placenta that was then chopped into regular sized strawberry pieces and frozen for use in smoothies and shakes. I started taking the placenta every other day after the birth of my son. On the days I had it, I felt stronger, more alert, less likely to have negative thoughts and more of an ability to cope with negative thoughts rather than give into them.  Recognizing that I was on the verge of crying almost daily within the first 2.5 weeks postpartum wether tears of joy or of despair I thought the placenta was helpful in with managing my emotions better. Although there is nothing like a good free flowing cry from time to time . As my midwife said to me “when you are ready,  let the tears come flowing, you might find some gems hidden in them” boy was she right!     

placenta smoothie shake Alex was initially really hesitant to handle the placenta but because he’s seen the benefits it’s offered me, he is always making sure I’ve had my dose. Initially my friend who prepared my placenta fresh for me in the first 24 hours had divided the placenta into parts for the dish he made us, parts for smoothies and the other parts for burying in my garden as he thought they were less useable. Turns out after a talk with my midwife that all of the parts of the placenta are edible. Alex had a hunch that this was the case and I had planned on burying the inedible portion in my garden to use as fertilizer. He however could tell that I could benefit from more placenta and slipped it in my smoothie one day when I thought there was nothing left and didn’t tell me because he knew I was unsure of eating the remaining as I thought it was scrap. The next day we went in for a postpartum check up and he admitted to the midwifes and me that he slipped it into my shake. Interestingly enough I had a hunch that there was placenta in the shake, not because I could taste or see it in there but because of how I felt after having the shake. I commented to myself it feels as if I had placenta today and in my mind thought that it was impossible since there wasn’t any edible parts of it left. Turns out my intuition was on to something as usual and that Alex knew what was best!  placenta smoothie postpartum

This was a profound moment for me because it proved that placenta was in fact powerful and it wasn’t merely placebo. I now have enough left to last a couple more weeks which is perfect as hormones begin to stabilize about six weeks postpartum. It’s amazing how nature works and supplied me with enough to make it through the healing process and emotional newness of parenthood. Overall, I am marveled by the power of placenta and the perfection of nature! 

Would so love to hear from you guys, what are your thoughts? Would you eat placenta? Have you or anyone you know eaten it, and if so if so how’d you feel?